Help Scout vs Zendesk: Determine Which Tool is Right For You

front vs zendesk

It is committed to bringing the development team and end-users closer for streamlined communication and unmatched efficiency. Even if you’re paying a premium for Zendesk’s subscription, you will still find yourself spending more on add-ons offered by them, which will not help. Whereas some alternatives like DevRev include these extras as part of their standard plan, potentially saving you money. DevRev’s transparent pricing model offers a sense of tranquility, as it eliminates the concern of encountering unforeseen expenses. Ready to discover a customer support solution that delivers unmatched customer experience?

Kustomer offers multi-channel support for email, chat, phone, and social accounts. No-code chatbots are also available for deflecting support requests to self-service options. Lastly, Help Scout understands the importance of keeping your level of support high, even through periods of change.

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Gorgias allows you to invite an unlimited number of users from different teams like product, marketing, and ops to learn from customer feedback (at no extra cost). It offers a varied subscription plan, and you can choose the ideal one for your business depending on your requirements. Gorgias is an exceptional customer service platform ideal for e-commerce businesses. It is easily integrated with many third-party apps like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Zendesk only has a paid version, while HubSpot Service Hub offers a free version with basic features, too.

For a more in-depth understanding of each platform, please refer to our Zendesk review and Front review pages. Working on customer queries from Gmail was exactly what we needed. Apart from these pre-built reports, you can even create custom reports to track specific metrics that matter to you.


Compared to Zendesk, Freshdesk Offers a free plan when getting started. The plan has good features like Knowledge Base, Ticket Trend Report, and Email Ticketing. It prides itself on easily integrating with popular eCommerce websites. Its user interface is easy to navigate, so everyone can use it no matter their technical background. You can enrich your HappyFox account by pairing it up with integrations such as Slack, Jira, Magento, Shopify, Aircall, OneLogin, and more. To sum it up, Intercom is a powerful competitor to Zendesk and if you’re searching for a modern solution full of artificial intelligence and automation, it might be the option for you.

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You can create a help platform to assist users in guiding themselves, or you can use AI-enabled responses to create a more “human” like effect. Zendesk has more pricing options, which means you’re free to choose your tier from the get-go. With Intercom, you’ll have more customizable options with the enterprise versions of the software, but you’ll have fewer lower-tier choices. If you don’t plan on building a huge enterprise just yet, we have to give the edge to Zendesk when it comes to flexible pricing options. Users work for your company and communicate with your existing and potential customers. You can add or remove users at any time and in just a few clicks.

The 15 best Zendesk alternatives

All in all, Groove delivers exactly what it promises, performs well, and adds just a touch of personalization that can take a user experience to another level. After talking about key features, let’s take a look at some of the main differences between HubSpot Service Hub and Zendesk. Besides Intercom’s core functionalities, you can pair the software up with many integrations, such as Jira, Salesforce, Aircall, Stripe, Surfboard, and Shopify. To help you get a clearer picture of both software options, let’s discuss some of the main differences between Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Intercom, on the other hand, is designed to be more of a complete solution for sales, marketing, and customer relationship nurturing. You can use it for customer support, but that’s not its core strength. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a complete collection of cloud-based business apps.

Besides these plans, Zoho Desk lets you get acquainted with their customer service software solution during a 15-day free trial period. It has a direct integration with Shopify and other tools including powerful B2B customer handling. It also satisfies all the requirements you’ve outlined including order history, interaction history, notes, tickets etc. Along with Omni channel integrations with chat (their own or other chat solutions), email, phone and so on. But both the tools are targeted at enterprises, and their best features are reserved for expensive plans. In that case, you can take advantage of DelightChat, an ecommerce helpdesk solution built for SME ecommerce & DTC brands.

front vs zendesk

With customer profiles, you’re able to see past interactions and data from connected apps to create a curated customer experience. You can scale up your chat support as grows with features like agent chat limits and custom statuses. It all adds up to a chat solution that’s ready to meet your needs, no matter what stage you’re at. Activate a free 15-day trial, and within minutes start seeing actionable dashboards with invaluable insights into your team’s email productivity.

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The website can be laggy at times, but I don’t find it too bothersome. Although you’re paying for a solid piece of software, it can still hinder a small company’s budget. The best way to choose between multiple help desk software solutions is to clearly point out their key differences. So, let’s check out the most distinguishing factors between Kustomer and Zendesk. To wrap it up, Freshdesk is one of the strongest Zendesk competitors because it’s easy to use, the features are great, and any small hiccups I’ve come across have never been show-stoppers.

front vs zendesk

We hope this guide has helped you in the journey of finding a Zendesk alternative. Helpjuice is known as a self-service portal, meaning users do not have to seek help from a human to get answers to their questions. It automatically answers the user queries by using the available resources and information. The price of the Starter pack of Salesforce is $25 per user/month. If you want to give it a try, you can avail yourself of their 30 days of free trial. Try DevRev and give your customers what they deserve – faster and more effective resolution.

In fact, most companies have this system up and running within just a few hours, and many users have the program mastered within one week. Front is a collaborative email platform that scales a company’s customer service. It has a rudimentary tagging system, collaboration, automation, and shared inbox capabilities.

You can create articles, share them internally, group them for users, and assign them as responses for bots—all pretty standard fare. Intercom can even integrate with Zendesk and other sources to import past help center content. I just found Zendesk’s help center to be slightly better integrated into their workflows and more customizable.

front vs zendesk

It also offers a knowledge base feature, enabling companies to create and maintain a centralized repository of helpful articles and resources for customers to access. Zendesk offers pre-built reports and a BI suite to create custom reports using ticketing data, but this is only for the customer service team that uses Zendesk. There is also a real-time dashboard available on the Professional (read-only) and Enterprise plans.

front vs zendesk

Its UI is very easy to understand and navigate, but still interesting and innovative. This Zendesk alternative offers many valuable features, mostly focused on customer conversations, segmentation, and a data-driven personalized approach. It’s a little difficult to compare Intercom and Zendesk just because Intercom seems like a different wheelhouse. However, they have some things in common and one sometimes performs better than the other. For example, Zendesk is easier to integrate within the Zendesk ecosystem, but Intercom is overall more robust so it doesn’t need as many additions. Kustomer’s software makes you feel like stepping into the future.

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