Billie and Austin realize that Kate is their mother and vice versa. Initially Billie blames Kate for the abuse she suffered; but when Curtis had found out Kate was pregnant with another man’s child, he beat her and left her abandoned by the side of a road, and vanished with Austin and Billie. Billie is found to be innocent when it is discovered that Curtis was accidentally shot during a scuffle with Stefano DiMera . Kate’s son, Lucas Roberts joins her in Salem, on a spring break from West Point Military Academy. When Kate meets Tom Horton and Alice Horton Alice realizes Kate used to be a tenant in a house owned by her son, Bill Horton ; Tom recognizes her as a former patient and an abused woman. Kate wants the secrets about her past to remain hidden, but Lucas wants to know the identity of his father.

Miles Heizer is well-known for his roles in TV shows and films such as ‘Love, Simon,’ ’13 Reasons Why,’ ‘Parenthood,’ and ‘ER,’ among others. We’re lucky we got to start this conversation and that other shows are getting to a place where they can start talking about it. But it’s important for viewers and just humans from every walk of life to do more than converse and practice action and really find solutions. Some of his former flames include actress Jenna Coleman, TV presenter Laura Whitmore, model Suki Waterhouse, and actor-model Ellie Bamber.

“Even though I didn’t ever come out to the public, in a weird way, I just one day read an article where I came out in the terms that they wanted me to come out,” Flynn says. In 2017, after posting his support on Instagram for an Australian bill that allowed for same-sex marriage, the media celebrated Flynn’s coming out story. Justin, who plays Bryce Walker on the Netflix series, is dating actress Annika Pampel. News last year, Justin called Annika his “wonderful girlfriend.” “a year ago today i married my best friend. happy anniversary, @sweetpetenyc love you 4eva,” Tommy wrote in a sweet post to his husband in Nov. 2017.

It’s uncertain whether he and Richard were together, or if they were just close friends. Although Sam ventured so far as to open up about his newly found interest in starting a family in an interview with The Daily Mirror just after they got together, Brandon had strategically refrained from discussing the relationship for the most part. He was together with legendary singer and songwriter Sam Smith for eight months. They made the relationship Instagram official via a photo that saw them wear matching baby blue colored unicorn hats — and the cuteness didn’t stop there. Brandon Flynn’s personal life has always been a topic that many curious fans are trying to dig into. Like her role on the show, Anne is coupled up in real life.

13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn has gone quite public with his rumored and famous new boyfriend Sam Smith. For actor Brandon Flynn, thankfully his rela life relationship appears to be a lot smoother as he’s been daring music superstar Sam Smith since the end of 2017. Whilst Hannah has been romantically linked to Clay Jensen, Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley in the show, the actress who portrays the teenager appears to have a slightly quieter love life. Sam also deleted photos of the two off his Instagram account, and seemingly confirmed the news while performing on tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Miles is the son of actor Lauren Graham’s character in Parenthood. Miles Heizer participated in a number of community theater productions as a child in Lexington, Kentucky. He moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was ten years old to pursue his acting career full-time.

After coming back into the spotlight following a break from music, Ellen asked on her talk show what we were all dying to know late last year. “No, I’m not, which is crazy… It’s weird bringing out an album and not being single. Because when I brought out In the Lonely Hour, I was so lonely. But now, I’m singing songs about another guy. I’m quite happy, so it’s quite weird,” he responded. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about Sam’s ex. “Sam and Brandon had a real whirlwind romance. They really fell for each other,” a source told the news outlet. For the time being, it looks like fans will just need to focus on Flynn’s dating life on-screen. Because something tells us that the final season of 13 Reasons Why will be a doozy.

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The news of them dating started surfacing the internet when Richard relocated to Los Angeles where Brandon was living. They were then pictured together roaming together in the streets or running errands. It definitely looks like Brandon Flynn is dating Sam Smith now. Brandon and Sam made sure to be seen by all the photographers as they went on a cute public date. Brandon wore a black-and-white striped shirt as the new couple grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant.

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We are here to clear up and debunk dating rumors surrounding Brandon’s love life and girlfriends. “I just keep my personal life personal,” the 32-year-old told The New York Times. “I’ve never talked about my relationships.” One of his previous relationships was with actress Jenna Coleman.

But I never want to provoke that either, because I think that’s what a lot of gay men in the industry lean into, is that no one knows, and I think some people get a kick out of that. I have a lot of friends who are male and will show up to red carpets in these really beautiful ornate, just plain and simple women’s clothing, or unisex clothing, and that’s still out of the ordinary for older generations. I think they’re so brave because they just get to stand by who they are and let the world see it as well, which is such a cool opportunity.

In the photos shared to his Instagram, Lee wore a barbers gown and smiled sheepishly while his long locks were shaved off. The actor, 41, appeared on This Morning on Friday where he showed off his new look. With idiots like Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg making dumb statements attaching this incident to racism, learning that there may have been a personal grudge involved could change the narrative. We already know there were clear recruiting and hiring problems within the Memphis Police Department, problems that likely stem from the rise of the Defund Police movement. If the dating rumor is confirmed, it would put another nail into the systemic racism narrative’s coffin.