To make the most of your board meeting, you have to plan your discussions in a way that inspire commitment and leadership. The majority of the meeting should be spent discussing strategies and agreeing on action plans. This is what board members do and their diverse talents can be very beneficial.

The board meeting should begin on time to show respect for fellow members and their busy schedules. Do not let committee reports go on too long as this could disrupt the rest of the agenda. To keep everyone on the right track the chair should summarize the main points of minutes and board report from the previous meeting before moving on to the next item.

Distribute your board materials early enough directors can read them prior to the meeting. But not too early, or information will get old. The ideal time to distribute board materials is two or three days prior the date of a board meeting. This gives directors enough time to review the materials. Consistently preparing board members with the tools they require to be focused on governance and allows them to attend meetings. Use a collaboration tool for review and edit materials for the board. This will allow the entire team to review and modify documents even after they have been shared. Each member will be updated instantly with any changes, ensuring everyone is on the same on the same page.