Play around with different photos and prompts, and take note of which parts of your profile seem to be getting the most attention. Rinse and repeat, experimenting with your profile—and watch your likes start to grow. This one is our top favorite Hinge answer that shows your vulnerable side with a bit of humor. Your most irrational fear shows you are strong enough to accept your weaknesses and fears. This is one of the best Hinge prompt answers for guys as it shows a softer side they might find attractive.

We appreciate this is a near-impossible task without looking self-pitying, cringe or completely un-funny. We’ve spoken to some Hinge experts and done some of our own scrolling to find the responses that made us want to like. Is there something you’re unwilling to change about yourself? This doesn’t have to be something super serious, but making sure you’re on the same page about certain topics with a potential match helps you filter out those you’re likely not compatible with.

Yes, it’s totally possible to have a relationship with someone who has totally different political views . But to outwardly say that you’re “apolitical” in 2022? No one can be “apolitical” when politics affect the daily lives of everyone in the country. As a queer person, seeing someone say they’re apolitical or “don’t care about politics” honestly offends me. I don’t need someone who aligns with all of my beliefs, but aligning on all the big issues and caring enough to go vote are important qualities to me. Connecting with new people can help you expand your life and try things you wouldn’t usually do.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Compare dating you to the comfort of cuddling a furry friend. Not only does this answer show your matches what a joy it would be to date you, it also suggests where the two of you might end up if things…you know…go well. Show your date you’re a one-in-a-million match. Use this answer to evoke the uniqueness of a snowflake, the rarity of catching one, and the childlike whimsy of dancing under a winter snowfall. Answer the “Dating me is like…” prompt in funny or quirky ways to attract Hinge users.

THE EXPERT: Erika Ettin, founder of online dating consultancy A Little Nudge

Hence, if you want to make your dating intentions clear, or you want to show off what are the perks of dating you, this prompt will do. And, actually should answer effectively on their profile. Do you collect stamps, devote your spare time to reading statistics, or wear Harry Potter pajamas? Here’s your chance to tell the world what they’d really get if they dated you.

Tell your match about major changes or milestones.

Whether you want to use them for ‘fun chatting’ or for your dating profile, they work perfectly. We’ll start with some positive qualities that every guy should highlight in his dating profile. Nowadays we’ve all got something to pout about.

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We naturally stare at things we like – the sunset, pretty colors, art, and beautiful sea views. The same applies to people we find appealing. If you find him captivating and attractive, you are much more likely to find his attention flattering.

I would view this question as an opportunity to make her laugh. The ability to make a woman laugh is a rare and coveted skill. It supersedes good looks and a high income and is an essential skill to develop in dating.

Giving her a list of aversions is not exactly sexy. But more than anything it makes you seem grumpy. I don’t think men ever gravitate toward this Hinge prompt. But just in case you are, don’t even think about it. If your tattoos are one of your most unique and interesting traits, you’re not living right. But they really don’t say that much about a person… hopefully.

For your dating app strategy, I recommend that you use five different apps simultaneously. This is because each app draws a different audience, performs in a different way, and offers unique strengths and weaknesses. When you use several, you’re able to utilize the strengths of each of the apps, without succumbing to a glitch that wreaks havoc on your entire dating funnel . It’s similar to the idea of diversifying your investment portfolio.

When picking photos, choose ones that clearly showcase what you look like, she says. Group photos are OK, she notes, but if all you have is group photos, it can be hard for people to figure out which one is you. We all have that one topic that we completely lose our minds over and are ready and willing to debate about.